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Brazilian Pour-Over Instructions


B R A Z I L –
Region: Bahia – Mountains of Espirito Santo
Altitude: 1000-1200 meters
Processing: Fully washed
Cupping highlights: Full of body and rich with flavors of cashew and maple.
My personal notes: This is Mike’s favorite coffee! And a favorite for outdoorsmen/women!

Brewing method: Manual Drip Using a Porcelain Pour-Over Brewer

18 grams – FosterHobbs Coffee fresh-roasted whole beans from Brazil
16 ounces – Fresh, filtered water (for both rinsing filter and brewing)
Drizzle of honey

1. Place #4 cone filter in porcelain brewer
2. Heat water to boil.
3. Drip-grind coffee beans.
4. Run a few ounces of hot water over the filter to rinse and remove unwanted “paper” taste. Discard
     this water.
5. Place grinds in the rinsed filter.
6. Pre-wet the grinds for thirty seconds with a minimal amount of the hot water. Aim for the middle of
     your cone filter, pouring directly onto the grinds and avoiding the edges of the filter.
7. After thirty seconds, begin pouring hot water over grinds in a circular, even motion.   Do not pour the
     water over the edge of the filter. Allow the coffee to drain a bit. Stopping and starting several times
     during the process is best and allows for adequate coverage of the grinds. The entire infusion process
     will range from three to four minutes.
8. Pour coffee into stainless steel travel mug, drizzle in some honey, stir ---and you’re on your way to
     meet some ducks or hit the hiking trails!