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Cold Brew On the Go!

Enjoy FosterHobbs on the go!

1. Grind your favorite FosterHobbs coffee! We concluded that the finer you grind the coffee, the water is able to grab hold of its steep through this filter for the best taste.
2. Flip Primula Cold Brew bottle and unscrew lid. 
3. Attach coffee and secure lid.
4. Add water to desired strength. We recommend filling the bottle 3/4 of the way with water. The grinds will soak up some of the bottle leaving the bottle to look a little empty. However, we think this make a more concentrated and bold taste. 
5. Shake! and keep shaking. Make sure all the grounds get separated so you can get the best steep and taste possible!
6. Refrigerate overnight (at least 15 hours). We recommend the longer the steep, the better the taste. We let steep overnight for 17 hours.

7. Flip bottle, unscrew bottom lid and remove coffee grounds. 
8. Attach lid and flip upright.
9. Add any desired sweetener or cream. (or be like the cool kids like us! ;)
10. Enjoy FosterHobbs anywhere!! Now that's good coffee!! 


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