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An espresso machine is headed to space!  Aboard the Dragon spacecraft,  the Italian made espresso machine, not resembling any espresso machine on earth but more reminiscent of an Easy Bake Oven or microwave,  was aboard SpaceX CRS-6  and was launched yesterday afternoon by a 208-foot Falcon 9 rocket at Cape Canaveral  Air Force Station.  The International Space Station (ISS) is the destination for the espresso machine, aptly called the ISSpresso. Until now the astronauts of the ISS have had to drink instant coffee.  But now thanks to the joint venture between engineering company Argotec and the Italian Space Agency, the astronauts may be able to enjoy a richer, more authentic coffee using the  Italian made espresso machine manufactured by Lavazza ....

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The Life Cycle of Your Fresh Coffee Beans | A Look At What It Takes to Grow Them

Coffee is a fruit -- an extremely precious fruit. It takes at least 200 coffee cherries to brew the 50 ounce pot of coffee you  enjoy each day. (Each cherry contains two coffee beans [seeds].  I measured out how much coffee I would typically use to brew a 50 ounce pot of coffee and counted 411 of our roasted Brazilian Montanha de Diamante beans.) Before these cherished whole coffee beans arrive at FosterHobbs Coffee Roasters in High Point, NC, many hands--skilled and dedicated--planted, pruned, weeded, picked, peeled, washed, dried, hulled and bagged these coffee cherries grown in equatorial countries situated between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Mike and I deal with beans each day so we’re aware of the intricate...

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Waking Up Can Be the Best Part of Christmas Morn

This Christmas, give the gift of waking up all warm and cozy with a deliciously aromatic FosterHobbs Coffee pour-over brew.   Years ago Mike’s quest for the perfect cup of coffee meant bags of beans in his suitcase, which he would open up like a Christmas gift, and unwrap for me by scooping the beans in a grinder and freshly grinding them.  The aroma of the beans being ground was just the beginning.  Then one day our automatic Bunn coffee maker died and Mike brought out a pour-over brewer (coffee dripper) that he had been meaning to try.  That day we discovered that brewing coffee using the pour-over method made the entire kitchen smell glorious.  And when we started brewing...

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GIVE OUR CHRISTMAS BLEND THIS YEAR! FosterHobbs Coffee for Christmas -- a unique and delectable gift because we select only specialty grade Arabica coffee beans, the best grade and the best variety, and roast them to order so that your gift is delivered just-roasted fresh!

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Brazilian Pour-Over Instructions

  B R A Z I L – Region: Bahia – Mountains of Espirito Santo Altitude: 1000-1200 meters Processing: Fully washed Cupping highlights: Full of body and rich with flavors of cashew and maple. My personal notes: This is Mike’s favorite coffee! And a favorite for outdoorsmen/women! A BETTER BREW TO BRAVE THE BITTER COLD Brewing method: Manual Drip Using a Porcelain Pour-Over Brewer 18 grams – FosterHobbs Coffee fresh-roasted whole beans from Brazil 16 ounces – Fresh, filtered water (for both rinsing filter and brewing) Drizzle of honey 1. Place #4 cone filter in porcelain brewer 2. Heat water to boil. 3. Drip-grind coffee beans. 4. Run a few ounces of hot water over the filter to rinse and...

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