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Cool Down With FosterHobbs Coffee

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It's a perfect afternoon for coffee --- a refreshing cup of Cold Brew or Iced Coffee --- to be exact. People often confuse the terms Cold Brew and Iced Coffee (the same people probably are confused about the true meaning of "espresso" too), but you don't have to.  It's just a matter of knowing the difference between the two, which is basically knowing the difference between their two preparation methods.

The difference between these two rich elixirs is the way you make them. It's understandable why people confuse the term Cold Brew because the term is actually misleading since Cold Brew coffee isn't really brewed. Cold Brew is steeped coffee and no heat source at any time comes into contact with the coffee grinds.  Iced Coffee, on the other hand, is brewed as usual but over ice. Both methods result in a delicious concoction that is easy to prepare and can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home or office.   And, we think these drinks are especially refreshing to drink while on the beach or at the pool.  

Below we share our favorite preparation methods/ recipes so you can experience for yourself what we are talking about --- and you won't have to fork out mega bucks, wait in a long line or waste precious time or gasoline. Order your coffee online today so you can enjoy fresh roasted, specialty grade coffee by the weekend!


COLD BREW using fresh roasted FosterHobbs Coffee

What You Need:
One Gallon Pitchers with lid (for steeping)
Two Quart Pitcher with lid (for storing finished product)
8 ounces of coarse ground FosterHobbs Coffee (choose a heavy-bodied origin, such as Guatemalan or Sumatran)
One Gallon of cold filtered water
Long handled spoon

What You Do:
-Grind coffee on coarse setting
-Place ground coffee in bottom of pitcher
-Pour half of water in pitcher and stir to evenly soak grinds
-Pour remaining water in pitcher and stir to incorporate all grinds with water
-Place lid on pitcher
-Allow coffee to steep for at least 8 hours (overnight to 24 hours is preferable)
-After coffee has steeped, place sieve atop the two quart pitcher 
-Pour steeped coffee through sieve (sieve will need to be emptied a few times)
-Add filtered water so that the pitcher is completely full; stir gently
-Place coffee in refrigerator and store up to three weeks

Cold Brewed coffee is extremely concentrated and rich.  Some people add more water prior to drinking or serving.  Cold Brew coffee is already sweet, but you can sweeten it more with simple syrup (sugar water) or with your favorite flavored creamer.  We serve our Cold Brew over ice with fresh cream.  We love to see how the thick coffee mingles with the cream.  Mmmm.  Delicious!

Yield:  2 quarts

ICED  COFFEE made with rich and delicious FosterHobbs Coffee in a Chemex Brewer

What You Need:
6 Cup Chemex Coffee Maker and paper filter
60 grams Guatemalan or Sumatran FosterHobbs Coffee
Tray of Large Ice Cubes
500 grams of boiling water
(195º - 205º F)
Digital Scale

What You Do:
-Rinse Chemex filter
-Place ice cubes inside Chemex
-Place filter on Chemex
-Grind Coffee grounds and place in rinsed filter
-Place Chemex on scale and press tare (zeros out weight of coffee maker, etc.)
-Pour small amount of water over grinds and allow to bloom for 30 to 45 sec
-Then pour water over grounds in a circular motion for 20 seconds/allow to drain for 40 sec
-Continue until scale reads 500 grams
-Aim for a 3 to 3 1/2 minute pouring time 
-Pour coffee over ice and enjoy!

Yield:  2- 3 servings

To Make an Iced Latte:
-Place ice in tall glass
-Pour 1 to 2 Tablespoons of simple syrup (sugar water) over ice
-Pour the Iced Coffee (brewed as described above) over the ice
-Complete the latte by pouring in heavy or whipped cream 
-Mmmm!  Delicious!