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Brazilian Pour-Over Instructions

  B R A Z I L – Region: Bahia – Mountains of Espirito Santo Altitude: 1000-1200 meters Processing: Fully washed Cupping highlights: Full of body and rich with flavors of cashew and maple. My personal notes: This is Mike’s favorite coffee! And a favorite for outdoorsmen/women! A BETTER BREW TO BRAVE THE BITTER COLD Brewing method: Manual Drip Using a Porcelain Pour-Over Brewer 18 grams – FosterHobbs Coffee fresh-roasted whole beans from Brazil 16 ounces – Fresh, filtered water (for both rinsing filter and brewing) Drizzle of honey 1. Place #4 cone filter in porcelain brewer 2. Heat water to boil. 3. Drip-grind coffee beans. 4. Run a few ounces of hot water over the filter to rinse and...

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